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Jiangsu Huiyang Precision Forging Co.,Ltd is a precision forging company who specializes in manufacturing parts for automobile, engineering machines and pipe transferring industries. We have many products, including caterpillar track joints, varied kinds of valves, connecting rods and so on. Our second phase project focuses on varied larger die forging parts, such as engine crankshaft, front axle and lager forged valves. The total area of our company is 50000 m2 with core equipments including 100kJ PLC forging hammer, 80kJ PLC forging hammer, 50kJ PLC forging hammer, 31.5 kJ PLC forging hammer, heat treatment forging line, shot blasting machine, ultrasonic testing device, Magnetic particle detection device, and CNC machining center. And now our 400kJ counterblow hammer forging line is in building.Now we have ISO9001:2008, ISO/TS16949:2000 management System Certification.The physics & chemistry analysis of raw materials and the equipments mechanical performance inspection in our company are all entrusted to the third party to be inspected.... [ more ]
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ADD:Tianli Road, Haian Development Area, Jiangsu Province.
E-mail:[email protected]
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